Excerpts from a Tête-à-Tête with our Founder & Principal Architect, Surbhi Gite.


What led you to establish your own firm?
It was a natural culmination of a childhood dream to run my own business and my Master’s research project. Confused? Allow me to explain. I always knew I wanted to be the master of my own destiny. Running a company was a major aspiration. Also, I was drawn to design quite naturally. I went on to study Architecture and for my Master’s degree, my specialization was about Advanced Architectural Design. A large part of this was studying Experimental Design. So enamored was I by this school of thought that I decided to continue this study through my professional life. My research will be applied and taken ahead in all my upcoming projects. This is how I started Surbhi rg Architects.


Where did you study design & what was your most significant takeaway from design school?
I did my undergrad (B. ARCH) at Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture and my Masters in Advanced Architecture Design (M. ARCH) at the Oxford Brookes University in the U.K. It was the most stimulating period of my life. I worked hard and realized just how passionate I was about my chosen subject. I was not a passive student. I participated in various competitions and college festivals. My efforts paid off. In 2016, I received the 1st place in the International Design Students Award for my dissertation on spaces in theatre, ‘Ramnagar ki Ramleela”. I also participated in a student exchange program with design students from Guangzhou, China which greatly shaped my thoughts on urban design.

My chief takeaway was definitely the wondrous thought of experiential spaces. Just the idea that I will work toward creating evocative spaces thrills me to this moment.


Any mentors or designers who’ve had an impact on you?
Oh, I owe so much to my professors. Professor Rohan Shivkumar during my undergrad was especially encouraging and helped me find the right direction. And during my postgrad, Professor Andrew Holmes was the mentor of my dreams.

They have been my guiding light and big influence on how I perceive Design today. I also greatly admire Architect Renzo Piano for bold design details and Zaha Hadid for her vision and futuristic, brave designs.


What inspires your design process?

My intuition and my desire to see beyond existing dimensions. I depend on my intuition and my gut when it comes to design decisions. I believe “everything you can imagine is real”. So, if my instinct draws an idea, however unconventional the thought is, I put it into execution. I try to look at materials in a different light and utilize them in ways unattempted. My design approach is decidedly bold & daring. 

The single most motivating thought in my head is that I wish to make great design accessible to the layman without it becoming overwhelming. I wish to create spaces that tell a story no doubt, but also where the occupants feel most themselves, most comfortable. At no point should they look at a design element and feel no, this isn’t me.

Of course, I’m sure my personality plays a large part in my design process. Since childhood, I was impressed with interesting design. I’m also an organized person and that shows in my work ethic today. Yet, I love spontaneity and surprises and that’s more visible in the final product. I style my projects by myself and am hands on all stages of design at the firm.  

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